Attention Readers! I’m Stuck!

I keep swinging back and forth when considering whether to break into smaller, niche blogs or leaving it as you see it now, broken into categories. I mentioned in a previous post my intentions for the domains I’d be using for these niche sites.

After noticing that I have approximately 16 RSS subscribers, I would like to ask them and anyone else who reads this post to give me their opinion! As a subscriber, do you care if one day you read a post regarding my personal life and a rant about my center turning lane rage the next? Or would you prefer only reading one, focused blog? You could easily subscribe to them all, but if you wanted to read about my thoughts on marketing and could care less about my brother getting married, then you could.

Please please please… if you ever had an urge to post a comment… THIS WOULD BE THE ONE TO DO IT. I would appreciate any opinion, no matter what size. If you’re feeling really helpful, click the “Email this Post” link under the title of this article and get your friends involved.

Until I get this settled… I can’t move forward. I’m in analysis paralysis! Help! :-)

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3 Responses to “Attention Readers! I’m Stuck!”

  1. mictubis says:

    In my very humble opinion, I would suggest just sticking with one site and running with it. It is much more interesting (for both the reader and writer) to have a variety of frequently updated topics on a blog. Plus, you won’t get stuck in the rut of having nothing to write about other than daily, grammatically incorrect, mis-spelled posts telling all of your readers that they are “Lazy, Scared or Stupid.”

  2. Marketrman says:

    I think you should stick with this site too. It’s tough enough trying to read all the sites that I do once let alone adding more to my list of useful places to visit on the web. Thanks for the post on my site.


  3. Brian says:

    Thanks Marketrman, I appreciate you taking the time share you thoughts. It’s for people like you that I do this stuff! I’m always honored when someone says, “Yeah that was useful”. I just want to make sure I’m putting my effort in the right place.

    Don’t be a stranger friend.

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