John Titor - The Man from the Future

This is Not John TitorOn November 2, 2000, a man named John Titor began making posts on an Internet forum claiming to be from the year 2036. He started by posting pictures of his time machine and its operations manual. Later he began answering questions from other forum members on topics like:

  • The Nature of Time Travel
  • A Future U.S. Civil War
  • The Future U.S. Government
  • Life in the Future
  • Future Catastrophes
  • Religion
  • … and others

He then stuck to his promise and left our “worldline” to return to his own, on March 21, 2001. Luckily, the posts made to these forums were archived and can be reviewed by the curious at

Now before you write off the notion of John Titor as a delusional madman, you should know that unlike Nostradamus or other proclaimed prophets, many more of John Titor’s “predictions” have come to pass. According to Titor, divergence between worldlines increases the further back in time you travel, so his worldline in 2036 is slightly different from what ours will be. But, if you read his posts, you feel like you’re really reading about the future… not a guess.

By visiting the John Titor site, you’ll read that:

  • Time travel is possible by manipulating gravity
  • World War III kills 3 billion people in 2015
  • Life in the future is centered more around family and community
  • Hydrogen and solar energy cells are vastly improved
  • The future U.S. government includes 5 presidents instead of 1

If you are the slightest bit curious, or have an hour or two to kill, you need to browse the John Titor archive. Even if it is all fiction, it will still give you a fresh perspective about your life today and challenge your mind as you read more about the possibility of time travel.

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10 Responses to “John Titor - The Man from the Future”

  1. cherubin says:

    My time machine is faster than yours!

  2. zaphod2016 says:

    What total nonsense!

    Did you ever have direct contact with this “John Titor” yourself?

  3. Brian says:

    Ha! That’s one opinion. ;-) No, I haven’t had direct contact with him, but when I’m bored it’s fun to read.

    Like I said, whether it’s real or not, I find it interesting. Read it like fiction. Did you check out any of his posts?

  4. towo says:

    This was all quite interesting in 2001. Yet in 2007, there are still believers and skeptics, shall I say a complete following, on this issue. The most obvious flaw in all of the information given back in 01 is on time travel itself. Not a lot of riveting questions were asked so GIGO. However, time travel IS possible. But traveling backwards in time involves completely different methodologies than traveling forward through time.

  5. Brian says:

    Admittedly, I’m not a time travel expert. But I would be very interested to hear more about the methodologies for time travel that you’re referencing. It will give my brain something to crunch. I love thinking about the possibilities of abstract concepts.

    String theory is especially interesting to me.

  6. towo says:

    Of course, start here - In summary, today, general relativity allows travel to the future.

    Experiments are well under way to comprehend the concepts of “backwards” time travel. Without getting too deep here, backwards and forwards in time can be seen in the same way as the positive and negative charges of sub-atomic particles. We, humans, have made the distinction that one type is negative (electron) and the other is positive (proton). They indeed have opposite charges but choosing one, the electron, and saying it has a definite negative charge can be misleading when attempting to open up the mysteries of this universe. The path of electrons is thought to go “backwards” or in a negative direction so a conclusion was drawn that it must be negatively charged. We live with this, as fact, today.

    Note that here in 07, we understand that the proton and neutron are baryons, large particles which are a simple collection of 3 quarks. The math comes out to two down quarks+one up quark for the neutron and two up quarks+one down quark for the proton. It’s easier to experiment with the core of the atom than with the atomic electrons swirling furiously in orbit. We have yet to peer further down into the electron due to the required power needed as well as the unpredictablity of viewing such detail using massive photon bombardment; thus destabalizing the location and course of the electron itself which acts “funny” in the presence of photons and even can even create photons if agitated properly.

    “Backwards” time travel can depend on how and when (more than one way to the prize is implied) lab experiments can be duplicated and verified, particles can be discovered/manipulated, energy can be captured/stored/redirected, and processes/technology can be optimized/miniaturized.

    I’ll use the tired comparison of time to water:

    Time can be understood as one concept but can take on many forms and we are forever tied to it, not unlike H2O.

    Time, as H2O, is as…
    …fluid as the water we drink (time, as a companion, moving along with us at every moment).
    …solid as ice (the past forever locked as the universe speeds forward).
    …invisible as steam (can’t see it but we know it’s there).

    It is also an ephemeral thing that is consumed and can be misused or even exhausted.

  7. Brian says:

    To repeat what you said, to see if I get it, you’re saying that the secret to time travel lies in subatomic particles and our ability to manipulate them?

    Leaving behind the idea that string theory is bogus all together and admitting again that I know next to nothing about it, it claims that when you get to a certain subatomic level everything consists of strings that vibrate (I’m sure you’re aware).

    If string theory is real, would it be accurate to say if we could manipulate how these strings vibrate (or in your explanation how the particles behave) that we could essentially travel through time?

  8. towo says:

    Indeed, String Theory opens up lots of possibilites as well as dimensions!

    The most interesting thing about the theory is that it’s mainly unprovable. All of the work is in formulaic form only. This means no work can be done by experimental physicists at this point - how do you shoot holes in something that’s not there?

    I simply remind myself that, starting in the twentieth century, some important discoveries have taken place *after* mathematic formulas determined their existence, like “black holes”. Currently, I try to keep an open mind about String Theory. Heck, even the theoretical physicists don’t agree on every point. The next 20-30 years will be very exciting!

    I think we could essentially travel “backwards” though time. When I say “we”, I don’t mean sending people but, instead, providing an energy signature that arrives on “the other side”, creating a way to possibly communicate with those in the past.

    Thus, the first question is, “Well, aren’t others from our future possibly sending us this ’signature’ you speak of?”. The answer can be Yes and No.

    Yes, the future could be sending us a signature right now!

    No, maybe we are not yet equipped to receive the message. Perhaps a new particle discovery would show the way? We’re still trying to wrap our heads around neutrinos for goodness’ sake!

    I think we’ve stumbled through the universe so far without fully understanding all of it. In 2007, (we have made great strides since 1907*) we can continue to experiment and find ways to do what we have only dreamed of doing in the past (time travel). And yet we do not need to fully comprehend
    all of the inner workings of it all to begin using any newly discovered knowledge. How and why does it ALL work? That’s what we have scientists
    for, after all!

    * Back in 1907, we did have E=mc2. Yet, we all believed in the steady state galaxy with no expansion or contraction in the universe (which was just the Milky Way) and other galaxies did not exist; only whisps of gas at the outer edge of our galaxy. Thank you, Mr. Hubble.

  9. Brian says:

    I’m glad you’re not a string theory hater. It drives me wild to meet people who take the easy way out and say, “It be proven via experiment, so it’s bogus” C’mon! According to that logic God doesn’t exist. That’s another topic, but you get the point.

    A “signature”. Hmm… I wonder if consciousness would transfer with the signature. How would you experience / interact with the world? It reminds me of the concept of a soul. I think some people assume that when they go to heaven (again, not starting a religious debate) they think they’ll look the same as they do on Earth. But that’s not the case since the body is but a shell for the soul. So… what does the soul look like? Is it energy?

    Will the pursuit to learn more about matter tip us off to a glimpse of the soul?

  10. towo says:

    Brian, I think you hit that nail right on the head. You said, “Will the pursuit to learn more about matter tip us off to a glimpse of the soul?”.

    I think the journey is more (or at least, as) important as the destination. As long as there are dreamers and believers, simple faith without requiring 100 per cent evidence can take us a whole lot further than anyone could ever dream or believe!

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