Learn How to Use the Center Turning Lane!

On my way to work today (yes, I know it’s Sunday), I saw yet another person who doesn’t understand the concept of the center turning lane. You know, the middle lane that has two, yellow dashed lines with a solid yellow line to each respective side. Still clueless?

Alright, it looks like this:

center turning lane

Apparently, some of you out there don’t understand the glorious purpose of the center turning lane. So I’ve taken it upon myself to educate you. (Whoever invented the center lane should have a holiday declared after them)

The center turning lane’s sole purpose is to make left turns more efficient. It does so by allowing you to make left turns without slowing the traffic behind you (right turns if you’re European… actually, do they even have center turning lanes?).

If used properly, the drivers behind you will hardly notice your left turn and continue on their merry way. If done poorly, they’ll notice, and if like me, be none too pleased with your seemingly extra chromosome.

I know. It’s a difficult concept. So I’m going to spell it out for those of you who don’t get it. Of course, the people this tidbit is for probably aren’t the ones reading it, so for those of you who are… way to take initiative.

Pay attention.

This is the WRONG way to use the center turning lane:

This is the RIGHT way to use the center turning lane:

Notice the difference? Let me spell it out for you.

When using the center turning lane the WRONG way, the driver behind you has to unnecessarily waste their brake pads and stop because of your stupidity. Yes, there is another option. They could go out of their way and swerve on to the shoulder. But why should they when THERE’S A CENTER TURNING LANE TO AVOID THAT!!!

When navigated properly, as illustrated in the RIGHT way, the driver behind you can continue driving as if nothing ever happened.

Ahh… the joys of intelligence.

So the ball is in your court. Are you going to be an idiot, or considerate? (like the attempt at rhyming?)

For bonus points… can you guess which car I was this morning?

Thankfully… I don’t own a firearm.

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4 Responses to “Learn How to Use the Center Turning Lane!”

  1. Mary says:

    Shoffy….this is so true. I encounter it all the time considering that I live near the outlet centers…and you know how bad the traffic gets there during “tourist season”. (By the way, I think that we should have an open hunting season on them…..hehehehe)

    The other thing that really ticks me off is people who do not know how to use an entrance ramp to a highway. I was behind a jackass (pardon the “bad” word) this morning doing 30MPH trying to merge onto East bound Route 30 from New Holland Ave. Too many people don’t get that to merge into traffic doing 55MPH+ that they need to be doing at least 55MPH……DUH!! I just shook my head and sped past him as he SAT at the end of the ramp waiting for an opening. What a ignoramus!

  2. cherubin says:

    “Europeans” don’t drive on the left. Only the Irish and the Brits do. : )
    And, no, there are no center turning lanes.

  3. Eric says:

    Don’t forget to mention that the center TURNING lane is not meant to be a MERGING lane for the people turning left onto the road. I can’t tell you how many times I get hit by some Bozo that thinks that the extra lane is for them, and only them.

  4. Eric says:

    Change the above comment to “almost get hit”

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