It’s amazing how deadlines shape our life. They can be tight or loose, but when you get one, you know it. They are parasites. Deadlines need you to accomplish them and feed off you until they get what they want. That’s why it feels so good when they’re achieved. You lose your extra baggage. Don’t achieve a deadline and its power increases.

Deadlines are not only parasitic, but physics marvels. They have the power to bend time and space around us and create a microcosm with one solid ending point. Consuming more and more energy as it draws nearer and continually altering our experience. Outside of the box, you’re a regular person, but inside, your host to a powerful force that makes 5 hours feel like 1 and the time you have left feel like minutes. All hail to the deadline.

You’ll work late, miss important time with family, lose sleep, and offend colleagues because of your strengthening deadline obsession. As it escalates, you’ll find that you can’t be happy unless you’re working for the deadline. Anything less is frivolous and insignificant. Who has time to enjoy television… the deadline is approaching.

Then the deadline arrives… and another takes its place. For us to honor and obey… death do us part.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Well put!

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