One Solution for Editing AVCHD

avchd logoThis Christmas, I got the coolest gift ever; a Sony HDR-SR1 camcorder. It’s one of the first consumer level HD camcorders of its kind with 1080i recording capability courtesy of Sony’s ClearVid CMOS sensor.

It’s amazing.

Only one problem…it’s from Sony.

Why is this a problem? Because Sony is notorious for using propriety hardware and software in their equipment and their latest entry into the HD camcorder market is no different.

It records footage in the Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) format which was created by Sony and Panasonic. The most significant benefit of this new format is that it’s more efficient than MPEG-2, which is typically found in HDV cameras. It also supports 5.1 encoded audio. (So with home movies you can actually hear your dad behind you as he shoots)

What’s the catch?


Okay, that’s not entirely true. Sony does package some very low-end editing software that can trim AVCHD (.mts) files. But what if you want to make something useful?

Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro don’t support the codec (yet) so you are out of luck… Unless you get creative. That’s where Cyberlink’s PowerDVD 7 and TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress come in.

By installing PowerDVD 7, you install support for the AVCHD codec. This means that, unlike before, you can now play AVCHD files in Windows Media Player (or whatever player you prefer). Now TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress steps in to finish the job.

This latest release from Pegasys Inc. allows you to decode, and re-encode, any file readable by Windows Media Player. That’s good news.

Now you can take each AVCHD file and do a batch encode to a Windows Media file using its latest HD codec. If you have Divx support, you can also encode to its HD standard.

Either way it’s a win. The result will be a file you can edit with any mainstream production suite.

So good luck all you early adopters and welcome to the pains of being one of the first people to break into the world of high definition recording!

** UPDATE **
MainConcept MPEG Pro HD will integrate with Adobe Premiere and supports AVCHD. Yesssssss!!!!

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62 Responses to “One Solution for Editing AVCHD”

  1. Brian says:

    I currently have Powerdvd 7 and i cant play AVCHD in powerdvd or WMP. any Ideas that could help me would be amazing? Thanks for the guide.

  2. jeff says:

    I got the camcorder too–any tips on how to transcode the clips so I can use them with my Mac?

  3. Brian says:

    Jeff -

    From what I’ve gathered, AVCHD support for Mac is almost nonexistent. However, I’m hopeful that the major video editing software providers will support the codec soon.

  4. cherubin says:

    Where can a beginner find reliable content on video editing without being in over their head?

  5. Brian says:


    Depends on what you’re looking to do. What are you getting into?

  6. j2 says:

    Hey your post was excellent, any ideas on where the best place to get Cyberlink powerDvd 7 and Tmpgenc 4.0 xpress is? thanks

  7. Brian says:


    You can buy Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 at and can buy the TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress software from Pegasys Inc.

  8. Lange cornu says:

    I just Installed PowerDVD 7 and When I try to play avchd files, I only got the audio. I uninstall+reinstall , I tried to install the latest release of FFMPEG, Still no luck.

    Any idea aside from returning this camera where it came from?

  9. Brian says:


    My first question is, are you running a PC or Mac? If PC, what type of hardware are you using (Processor / RAM)? After I installed PowerDVD 7 and AVCHD files play, but it’s very choppy. Not ideal. If you’re running a Mac… it might be time to return the camera. :-( I don’t believe Mac supports AVCHD yet.

    Good luck!

  10. Chris says:

    Sony’s VEGAS software now has an update for editing AVCHD. The downside is that it supports only up to 720p while the camera produces 1080i (at only 1440 horizontal instead of the full 1920). Doubtless it’s a copy protection thing that Sony and other movie studios require. After all, it’s not your videos that you’re capturing; it’s probably commercial movies, and they must not let you produce those at full resolution, so you can’t produce your own either. If you want full resolution out, you must use the camera as your playback unit. Indeed, there is no video input option on the camera; so it can’t be used for duping.

    On the other hand, NERO has recently introduced an update for its video software that permits up to 1080i encoding of AVCHD files (m2ts). I’ve no BluRay burner, so I’ve only used NERO to make letterboxed 480i DVDs of AVCHD materials, but it works credibly for that. So if you own NERO 7, update your software now. IN THEORY, it will burn 1080i to a BluRay disc. Let me know how that works for you.

  11. Brian says:

    I have tried the new Nero software without a lot of success. I’m going to try it again with my new machine, but I had issues with the codec. I can’t put my finger on it, but it seems like Nero’s support isn’t as efficient as PowerDVD’s.


    But thanks for the info!

  12. MikeB says:

    Hi, Brian. Here’s my problem: I have a PANASONIC AG-HSC1UP, which records into a 4GB SDHC card. I need to retrieve the video files from the SD card in order to (1) empty the card for future recordings and (2) edit the contents of my recordings for a presentation I have to do soon. None of the software I’ve downloaded seem to recognize the extension files “.MTS”. Cyberlink PowerDVD, TMPGEnc 4.0 Express, InterVideo WinDVD 8 and Panasonic’s HD Writer (which came with the camera) all read “format not recognized” (or something to that effect) when I connect the camera to my PC. Trying to connect the card, itself, to my SD reader has proven to be a waste of time, since it takes too long to “autoplay” and the autopley folder never comes up. Do you have any suggestions for a software which could read my SD cards (with the .MTS extensions) and then allow me to edit the contents for a sales presentation?

    BTW, Thanks for your great page!

  13. Brian says:

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. My server’s SMTP is apparently not sending messages again, so I didn’t receive your comments until I recently logged in.

    Regarding your issues with your SD card, that’s a toughie. I haven’t had any experience with these types of camcorders (though they sound pretty handy). I’m sure this is a ridiculous idea since I’m positive you’ve already thought of this… but is there a USB or Firewire connection that could transfer the SD data? It’s a shame your reader won’t do it for you.

    Concerning PowerDVD, the latest version (v7) does install a codec that allows you to open .mts files. The strange thing is, I can’t get the file to PLAY in PowerDVD. Instead, I used Windows Media Player and they play fine… usually.

    I’ve heard that the latest version of Nero and Pinnacle Studio v11 both have AVCHD support. I have tried Nero, and it works, but given the different types of AVCHD (I don’t fully understand, but apparently there are differences between AVCHD files depending on how you encode them?), Nero’s codec didn’t play back as well as PowerDVD’s.

    I also need to try Adobe’s new version of Premiere. I’ve heard mixed information about AVCHD support… so… I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the comment!

  14. Nils says:

    I just installed Power DVD 7 but still am unable to view the .mts files in my Windows Media Player 11.
    Any ideas?


  15. Henki says:

    Thanks for your posting.
    It solved my problem.

  16. jonathan in cape town says:

    hello. My solution so far is to use edius (canopus)….. in it is a little converter which takes you mts up to avi. Thereafter i go into premier, or canopus where I need to render and finally edit and consolidate for output. Inelegant as all hell and time consuming beyond belief but so far its the best I can do. Obviously I am using dual core everything and video cards from hell! But I am more or less getting results. PLEASE let me know if you have anything better. I am the only current owner in SOuth Africa and last week in SIngapore I received nothing but goldfish responses to my queries. best regards.

  17. Brian says:

    Hi Jonathan. I don’t know if this would work any better than your current solution, but Pinnacle’s Studio 11 works well for conversion.

  18. jonathan in cape town says:

    hi Brian, thanks: I have been a pinnacle owner for some time but disinclined to continue with them on account of poor representation out here in SA. Hopefully Premier will come up with something soon.kind regards from Cape Town

  19. Mhac says:

    AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600
    2.40 GHz, 1.00 GB RAM
    Cyberlink PowerDVD 7.0

    PowerDVD could not play my *.MTS files.

  20. Brian says:

    Hi Mhac,

    Have you tried opening it with Windows Media Player? It will give you a warning that it’s not meant to handle .mts files, but it should work.

  21. Mhac says:

    Still no dice with Windows Media player. All I get is a choppy sound. Anyways, I’ll keep trying with other players. ;-P Thanks.

  22. Rob Weston says:

    Hi Brian, I’m a complete beginner and am awaiting delivery of an HDR-SR7. I have Muvee Autoproducer 6 (for Dummies ;-) and am wondering what I might be able to do to make AVCHD material editable in that. Or is there a way I can convert it to a usable format first? Or do I have to shoot in low-def? Good wishes, Rob Weston

  23. Brian says:

    Hi Rob,

    I’m jealous. Wish I had the SR7 coming! :-)

    I’ve been using my “old” SR1 and am sorry to say, I’ve been a bit disappointed. Adobe Premiere is being really difficult concerning AVCHD support, which is the HD format you’ll be recording in. AVCHD is great, but it’s essentially uneditable. (Yes, Pinnacle Studio can do it as well as some others, but I don’t like those programs, I want Premiere!) :-)

    Lately, I’ve been just recording in SD mode. It sucks, because the HD is sooo much nicer, but you’ll spend a lot of time converting your HD footage to SD anyway… so why not cut out the middle man?

    Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, if you do shoot HD and edit it (you can, read some of the comments above) you’ll need to invest in a Blu-Ray or HDDVD recorder and player if you want to view it on your high def TV.

    One more piece of bad news… both formats are being a pain in the ass. Like the great VHS / Beta wars. Who loses? We do. So, personally, I’m waiting until HD gets its act together.

    I want a standard recording format and DVD format.

    Sorry for the rant… but I’ve been very frustrated with HD lately. Unless you have $$$, you’ll always be wanting for more.

    But it’s just so damn goregous!!! :-)

    Hope this helped.

  24. Rob Weston says:

    Hi Brian and Buddies, many thanks for that - you may have confirmed all my worst fears but at least I know it’s not just my ignorance suggesting that this is a chewy problem :) Since I posted my question I’ve been doing more homework and one possible solution has presented itself (unless there’s a caveat I’m unaware of): All 8/8 customer reviews on Amazon seem to be saying that Sony’s own Vegas Movie Studio 8 - IF YOU GET THE PLATINUM EDITION - handles HD generally and AVCHD specifically. Is there something I’m missing here or do we have a potential solution? Best regards, Rob

  25. Brian says:

    Rob, welcome to AVCHD hell. :-) It’s very frustrating. My solution uses Pinnacle Studio 11. It supports AVCHD.

    What drives me crazy is Adobe doesn’t support AVCHD, nor does it look like they will be anytime soon. :-(

  26. Biri says:

    AVCHD is indeed HELL.
    I have Vegas movie studio platinum edition 8.0. On holiday in Rome earlier this year i recorded movie on Sony HDR -SR8. There is some traffic noise i want to edit out and replace with some background music but no way can you do it. You cannot split the audio from the video. Even using Sound Forge as an external edit application is difficult.

    Any ideas?

  27. wha?? says:

    December 30th, 2007 at 9:09 am ???
    Someone got a time machine here?!

  28. Krazy Kirvits says:

    Looks like we are all having fun with our AVCHD format. I have a Panasonic HDC-SD1 that uses the SDHC 4 GB card. I looked at this chat to see if anyone recommended any of the leading AVCHD Editing software (Ulead, Pinnacle or Vegas) But I dont see an overwhelming endorsement on any of them. To share some knowledge from this venture, I found that to transfer files from the SDHC card to the HD writer software (Provided with the Camera) you need to have an inexpensive SDHC card reader ($14). Since most SD readers do not support SDHC format. Once the card is in the reader and inserted into the USB port the HD Writer will recognize the files on the card. Once the files finish transfering, HD Writer prompts if you want to format the card.

    Good Luck All.

  29. Brian says:

    Brian -

    One thing I noticed about playback is it’s choppy. If I use the software Sony provides, playback is fine. But when you try viewing AVCHD with the method I describe, even with a 3.8 Ghz processor with 2 gigs of RAM, playback is still poor. Not to knock your system, I’m sure if you’re into video editing it’s top of the line, but I wanted to toss out the possibility that the files may be too much for your system given this less than optimal solution.

  30. Rizal says:


    Ulead VideoStudia 11 Pluss can handle my Panasonic AG-HSC1UE that use SDHC 4GB Card. This Ulead can handle the .mts file produced by Camcorder smoothly. You can edit your footage as Ulead capabilities. If you want to edit under Premier CS3, you can export your footage using HDV 1080i (50) converter build-in under Ulead share menu.

  31. steve says:

    I have a new computer with Windows Media Player and I have have downloaded PowerDVD 7.0 and I still can’t plan any .mts files that I have copy/pasted off of my Sony HDR-SR1. I don’t know what to do.

  32. Brian says:

    Hi Steve,

    If you’ve installed PowerDVD 7, you *should* be able to view .mts files. If not, you may want to try Pinnacle Studio 11. They have some great AVCHD support.

    I’m amazed though… how many people have to beg Adobe to support AVCHD?

  33. steve says:

    I don’t know what to think. I installed the PowerDVD 7 and then when I “Select Source” on the main menu and then choose “open media files” I can see the .MTS files that I manually copied from the video camera, but when I try to choose them, nothing happens. Before I go out and get another software package, I just want to make sure I’m using the software correctly.

  34. dizbang says:

    I have a Sony HDR-SR1 and have been using Cyberlink PowerDVD successfully since I got it. It should be noted you need the “ultra” version in order to play M2TS (AVCHD) files. Activate PowerDVD and look at the screen. It should have .H264 on the screen. If you don’t have it, you have the standard edition which won’t play AVCHD files. You can go to Cyberlink and upgrade from standard to ultra. I have Ulead Video Studio 11 plus,
    Sony Movie Studio 8 Platinum, and Premiere CS3. I use all three to edit, but I have to transcode the M2TS files to MPEG-4 HDV in order to use CS3. I don’t know what’s taking Adobe so long. I expect they’ll start with a M2TS patch, but who knows when.

  35. Brian says:

    ::Smacks head:: doh!

    Great call on the need for PowerDVD Ultra. Thank you for pointing that out diz.

  36. saul freed says:

    core professional is also uselful. its a great h264 decoder and very cheap.

  37. Madrabbit says:

    Just stumbled across this very useful page.
    Like Krazy Kirvits, I’ve just bought a Panasonic HDC-SD1 and am having a drama retrieving the data from the SDHC card to the PC. The HD-Writer editing software that is supplied with it is so simple to the point that there seems to be no help or support at all when you have a problem. It’s driving me mad!
    I will definately invest in a SDHC card reader.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge guys.

  38. Krazy Kirvits says:

    Well, thought I would check in. Since my system crashed late last year I was forced to get a new PC. It was a god send in disguise. I Grabbed one of the new AMD Phenom systems with a terabyte of HDD and a BlueRay/HD combo RW drive. I put Pinnacle studio plus on. Pinnalce runs well enough and no more drag with the MTS files in pinnacle. The nice thing is that once in Pinnacle I can change the format to anything I need for my DVD productions. The clarity of the video on regular DVDs is great and I still have the option for Bluy RAY or HD. If you have the bucks and are serious about Hi Def video editing this is one way to go.
    Have fun with your cameras

  39. Brian says:

    I’m with you Krazy. I too have been using Studio Plus to transcode AVCHD. I just can’t believe that there STILL isn’t a Premiere plugin of some sort yet.

  40. M.A says:

    I have noticed that you have great experience in dealing with AVCHD files so I thought about asking your help please, well, I have sony camcorder with AVCHD files and with extension .m2ts, I tried to play them with PowerDVD ( version 5 ) but no way, so do they work with powerDVD ultra 8, besides there is a feature in powerDVD 5 and it is capturing the scenes by pressing “C” so can I do the same while the video is playing with powerDVD ultra 8. I hope that you will reply me please becasue I depend on your great knowledge

  41. shadrach says:

    Hi Brian,

    I didnt realize the can of worms i was opening when i decided to join the AVCHD hell world. After much research, I decided to purchase the canon hf100 AVCHD camera. Its a great camera and the HD 1920 X 1080 in cinema mode looks fantastic. The problem is finding something to edit with. I did some research on editing programs and decided to go with Sony Vegas Pro 8. I was under the impression that they supported Canon. They do not support canon cameras. I know some computer experts are indeed editing their canon AVCHD on sony vegas pro 8., but cant get a hold of them. I had an old Hp compaq pressario with 1 gig of ram and 1.3 ghrz processor speed and some how managed to import files from my sandisk memory stick and capture them onto sony vegas pro 8. The problem was the play back was horrible and choppy. I assumed that it was my weak CPU and my low memory. So i went out and purchased a new computer. For some reason though my new computer a ( gateway intel Core 2 Quad 64 bit processor with 4 gigs of ram / giant hard drive and windows vista) will not import my memory stick files and or does not recognize mts files . i know there is a way to get vegas to work, but cant figure it out. I must of had a codec on that old computer. Sony will not providede tech support, because they only endorse their stuff and panasonic. The crappy pixma software that came with the camera wont work either. Pixma was bought up by Targetsoft Inc and they do not provide tech support. At this point im desperate and need some help. If you have any ideas brian i would love see them. thanks again.

  42. nick says:

  43. Coralsnake says:

    To shadrach:

    I think if you do the follwoing you will be fine:

    - Install PowerDVD 7 or higher (commercial)

    - Install Mega Codec Pack (free) (

    - Install Media Player Classic (free) seperately (

    - Install HD-DVDRom.UDF.Reader (free)(

    Maybe installing MPC seperately is not necessary anymore. Previously the version which came in the Mega Codec Pack did not play MKV files.

    Good luck

  44. Trisha says:

    My 6yr old computer was useless with my new SD9 Cam equipment. I was told by both Panasonic and Pinnacle Support that my system was not good enought o run the new equipment or software and I need a new computer to use Pinnacle Ultimate version 11 properly and to download from my new camcorder.

    So I bought a new computer for £600 then the Pinnacle Ultimate version 11 £70 and not forgetting the wonderful Panasonic SD9 Camcorder £600 only to find now that there is no codec available to make the movies from this HD Cam. AAAAARRRRGGGH! I could kill at the moment, how dare these companies get you to buy things without giving you the real facts about the products you are buying…they really make me mad…now I have to wait for the codec before I can use them, no point having them on the SDHC cards if they cant be written to DVD is there????!!!!***

    I have spent days trying to access my files for the SD9 to make a video thinking its me and hey ho its the flaming suppliers of the new age of technology that are at fault. Does make you mad. I am really trying hard not to swear at the moment.

    Thanks anyway for your info which explains a lot about my problems. Those idiots at Panasonic and Pinnacle Studio havent got a clue!!!!, Thank the Lord you know what you are talking about.Wont waste anymore time on it.

  45. toddtrz says:

    hi i have a sony hdr-sr1 was looking for advice on how to make a dvd that will play in a dvd player. I have sony movie studio+ dvd platinum 7.0 Dvds work on computer but not even in my new sony dvd player

  46. Elyria says:

    After realizing the impending doom of AVCHD I got despreate. That is until I read your advice! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally worked for me, although I used PowerDVD 8. At the moment I’m ECSTATIC, oh and if you guys don’t want to waste so much money on the software you could just go to You can get almost anything there. If any of keys don’t work from their go to:
    Again, THANK YOU!

  47. barry says:

    Hi Having read the above i am hoping you may be able to help.I have a SONY HDR-SR12HD (hard disc) camcorder,what a problem i am having trying to edit it and then burn it to 4.7gb dvd-r so i can play it on my stand alone DVD player,it has all the grand kids on it and the only way there mums can watch it is if you play it through the TV in HD directly from the camcorder it this AVCHD that windows movie maker does not like ,i have been using it for a long while and for me it works great ,any help would much appreciated Cheers Barry

  48. Brian says:

    This is admittedly a short remark to try and solve a big problem, but to recap what I’ve learned myself and all the great folks who have posted on my blog is… you need a workaround (duh right lol)


    PowerDVD 7 or 8 Ultra (emphasis on the Ultra part) will install the AVCHD codec so that other media players can view your .mts files.


    Now, you want to edit them and put them on a DVD huh? Well, now you need an editing suite. Pinnacle Studio Plus is very handy and I believe has a way to activate AVCHD decoding. However, I don’t think you’ll need it given you already installed PowerDVD.

    So, now we load the AVCHD video onto our computer and drag it into our editing suite (Pinnacle Studio) and edit the video however we like.

    When it’s finished, go to build DVD, set your quality settings and you’re off to the races.

    Yes… it could be that easy.

  49. barry says:

    Cheers, it sounds good i will post back and let you and the others how i got on, B

  50. Simon says:

    Trisha - Just been discussing with Pinnacle support… Version 12 supports footage from the HDC-SD9. £50 upgrade I think though (see Also read somewhere else someone saying they were editing OK wth version 11.x plus all patches from the Pinnacle site - might be worth updating your software with these patches? Good Luck. Simon - UK

  51. murph says:

    Trisha - Pinnacle Version 12 supports footage from the HDC-SD9. Get the avchd add on and it works fine - this is the only software i have got to get to work with this camera

  52. Deano says:

    I have been back and forth for months trying to decide - an AVCHD camera or stick to good old HD tape (eg Canon HV30). From what I understand so far, there is editing limitations with AVCHD format even with a product like Pinnacle Version 12. If so, what are the limitations? And apparently a much “gruntier” PC is required for editing AVCHD - can one of you more knowledgable people please help me before I make the (wrong??)decision of which way to go? Thanks in advance… Deano, Australia.

  53. Mikki says:

    I was given a Sony HDR-SR5 AVCHD format cam & have had nothing but problems, lent it to a friend to figure it out for me & in the interim lost the ‘Picture Motion Browser’ software that allows to upload videos into the computer…Sony told me I didn’t need it & I could upload any program for free but they weren’t allowed to guide me to a particular one…so I did, however I can’t edit,burn or even figure out how to email a video, I was able to upload & watch, but thats about it. Someone told me, that is pretty experienced with videos, to stick to Mini DV Tapes & highly recommended CANON VIXIA HV30 HD & use Adobe Premier Elements around $100 for an editing program.

  54. charles says:

    I have Canon HG10, Apple imac with 4gb ram and intel duo core processor. I’m using Final Cut Express and have to “log and transfer” AVCHD clips from the camera. It takes forever. About .3:1 ratio (ie about 20 minutes to transfer 60 minutes of 480i video). Then, after making subclips and getting the timeline assembled into a ~1hr segment, exporting the .mov so I can use iDVD to burn a disc takes ~6 hours!?!?!

    This is ridiculous. I understand Apple and others not committing to a format (since AVCHD is basically Blu-Ray on non-Blu-Ray physical media) until the absurd format war was won, but I have a film class starting in three months and our students need functioning editing stations and cameras.

    To make matters worse Final Cut makes Quicktime .mov files for each imported clip, and they end up being much larger than the AVCHD versions. A ~2:30 football game that is less than 8GB turns into a 100GB monster folder structure on the Apple. How are we supposed to work this? I can’t have a 1TB drive for each student!

    As an interim I’m trying the Canon DW-100 just to get the damn clips off the cameras and archived.

    Another year and all this will be settled. Looks like AVCHD is the future data format, all the software and OS vendors just need to get on the same page or they’ll miss another year of widespread adoption. I’ve got 20 years experience in IT and this is a major PITA. If they expect people who aren’t hardcore geeks to use these things they better get a clue and make them easier to use.

  55. Jeff says:

    murph, what is the avchd add on you referenced in your 9/2/08 posting? I just purchased pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12, but when I import the clips from my HDC-SD9, they do not play correctly. A few seconds play and then the video locks up. What can you do to view/edit the clips without lock ups?

  56. OzGaming.Net says:

    Dilema, I have a 24′’ iMac, 2.8Ghz, 4GB Ram etc.. I thought I would be using it full time for everything I do, web graphics, gaming (bootcamp), irc etc. But after a few months of heavy usage on the mac and going back and forth, I’ve decided I feel more comfortable in the PC enviorment and work much faster. The ONLY problem I am having is editing my AVCHD movies on the windows platform. On the mac, I plug my Panasonic camera in and iMovie does the rest. Wow, I mean it could not be any easier. Is there a program that runs under windows that comes out of the box, with out messing with codecs that will do what iMovie does?

  57. EldO says:

    Try Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0. It does what you are asking for. I have downloaded the 30 day (full) trial version for use with my new Panansonic (SD-100) AVCHD camera, and so far it looks very promising. I think I’m going to end up buying the program.

  58. Michael Johns says:

    Anyone knows this solution works or not?
    I would like to look for the best software to edit my Sony camcorder videos.

  59. .Alex says:

    Hi EldO, i need some of you advice and your review on the panasonic sd100, as the camera has quite a bad review from the web. I m planing 2 buy it but have second thoughts, appreciated if you could help, how can v keep in touch? Do I leave an email address here?

    Sorry guy if this is off topic, its quite difficult to find someone who owns the sd100 long enough 2 2 help
    Thanks in advance”

  60. Angela says:

    Hi! After researching online for hour/days I am glad to say that the Canon HG10 HD camcorder is everything I had hoped for and then some. Now for the hmmmm! The only way I can view the videos in all their beauty (particular emphasis on my Grandchildren) is via the HDMI cable from camcorder to Sony flat panel TV! I’ve Adobe Elements which includes Premiere 7 and despite umpteen different methods and processes, the results when burned to DVD are dismal!

    I’ve tried MOST of the suggested software, but the results were essentially poor to awful (Pinnacle, Ulead, Vegas, all trial versions, the DVD’s produced dreadful viewing quality, whether viewed on the HD TV or the regular TV and DVD player (no upscaling).

    My main question is, is there a workaround that will produce a good quality DVD for viewing on a regular DVD player.

  61. me says:

    rename the files to .mpg
    also, sony vegas pro will play .mts and let you edit them.

  62. Malc says:

    I’ve been folowing this threat since the begining ,I have purchased Cyberlink dvd suite 7 ultra
    works a treat

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