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One More Reason to Respect the Makers of “Office Space”

I’ve got to hand it to the makers of “Office Space”. This one movie is a cultural phenomenon that just about everyone knows about.

But why didn’t they make a sequel? Where is Office Space 2? Everyone else who has had a hit movie can’t seem to get the sequel out fast enough.

I’ll tell you why… because the creators of Office Space knew better. They had a great run and didn’t crack under the pressure to make a sequel in a race to make more money. They kept the Office Space concept pure and that is worth my respect.

Just another reason to like Office Space!


It’s amazing how deadlines shape our life. They can be tight or loose, but when you get one, you know it. They are parasites. Deadlines need you to accomplish them and feed off you until they get what they want. That’s why it feels so good when they’re achieved. You lose your extra baggage. Don’t achieve a deadline and its power increases.

Deadlines are not only parasitic, but physics marvels. They have the power to bend time and space around us and create a microcosm with one solid ending point. Consuming more and more energy as it draws nearer and continually altering our experience. Outside of the box, you’re a regular person, but inside, your host to a powerful force that makes 5 hours feel like 1 and the time you have left feel like minutes. All hail to the deadline.

You’ll work late, miss important time with family, lose sleep, and offend colleagues because of your strengthening deadline obsession. As it escalates, you’ll find that you can’t be happy unless you’re working for the deadline. Anything less is frivolous and insignificant. Who has time to enjoy television… the deadline is approaching.

Then the deadline arrives… and another takes its place. For us to honor and obey… death do us part.

The Path of a Knowaloti

It’s painfully obvious… I’m on Google’s badboy list.

I don’t know what I did, but I went from having ~160 unique visitors a day to half that. I think that it’s because I didn’t feed the beast! I wrote and wrote and then stopped suddenly and after a few months, Google said, “Screw you little website, we don’t want to hang out with you anymore.” So… poof!

The number of pages I had indexed dropped from the high 50s to 35 and even a Google search on “figure margin” where I used to be #1 out of 4,000,000 results… is all gone. That’s even with a link on Wikipedia!

It’s been an interesting ride, but since Google Adsense won’t accept BrianShoff.com because it’s “too personal”, I’m not really losing any money. As a matter of fact, I’m saving bandwidth. :-)

I’m hoping it’s just an update that they’re tinkering with. It was nice seeing regular visitors hit the site. Makes you feel popular… like everyone wants to hang out with you. hehe


What Weight Loss Supplements Aren’t Saying

Weight Loss PillsI’m amazed to see that weight loss supplements with caffeine, and now hoodia, are still gaining nationwide popularity. I shouldn’t be. It only makes sense that as Americans become more sedentary and dependent on pharmaceuticals that we would naturally look for another low effort solution to solve our obesity problem. Instead of spending a few minutes each day exercising, we pay big money to take a pill that we’re told will do the job for us.

This article will give you the other side of the “amazing weight loss breakthrough” hype. I’ll discuss why the advertisements for weight loss supplements are misleading, how they are intended to be used, and the hidden dangers associated with them.


Make a Lifestyle Change, Not a Resolution

unhappy about your weight?It’s that time of year again. The time when every fitness club regular has to suffer through the multitudes that cram into the gym with their freshly printed membership cards. Each one determined to make this year’s resolution to exercise more and live healthier a permanent one. But, as I’ve seen before, slowly, the crowds will die out and things will return to normal.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that people want to improve their quality of life. I live in one of the most obese counties in Pennsylvania (York, if you were wondering). I wish more people made resolutions to lose weight. But I’ve got bad news…

Out of the 45% of people who made resolutions this year, 38% were associated to weight loss. Unfortunately, over half of them will break their resolution after 6 months.

~ Welch Media

If you truly want to achieve your fitness goals this year, there is only one way to do it. It’s not a pill or an “as seen on TV” miracle, it’s a routine, and here’s how to make one that works for you!


My Cosmic Balance of Human Ability Hypothesis

The Cosmic BalanceI’ve always had an interest in psychology; more specifically, abnormal psychology. Schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, manic depression, you name it, and I’ve either read about it, or in the case of schizophrenia, had a chance to research it in college. After recently being diagnosed with bipolar II, confirming my fiancé’s and my suspicions, I’ve taken an even greater interest in the topic.

One particularly interesting connection I’ve examined is the relationship between bipolar disorder and creative genius. Though I’m not claiming to be a creative genius, this link, which is sustained by several studies, does support an idea I’ve kicked around for a few years. It is a combination of Newton’s third law of motion and the Chinese concept of yin and yang as it relates to human ability.


The Impact of Technology on Society

Anonymous TechnologyI love technology. I love my computer, broadband connection, mp3 player, Bose speakers, HDTV, HD camcorder, and all other tech gadgets that are available in the numerous electronics store circulars that overflow my mailbox. Technology helps me communicate, get more done in less time and re-experience life with the push of a button.

Advances in medical treatments, entertainment, communication, and even warfare are reported daily as we develop better, faster, more impressive technologies to replace the old. We continually push to achieve the next breakthrough in hopes of satisfying our ravenous, tech hungry society.

What we don’t see, or choose to ignore, is the hidden truth that lies under the shiny silicon surface.

Under the microscope, technology’s impact on society isn’t as positive as you might think. I believe that technology doesn’t improve our lives, but instead will negatively effect our social interactions, minds, and overall advancement as a society.


IKEA Furniture - You Get What You Pay For

IKEA BuildingRecently my fiance and I decided to make some improvements to our townhome. Part of this decision was furnishing our home with cheap, but oh so practical, IKEA furniture. In the past, we’ve had good success with their products, so this trip we purchased much more.

For those of you out there thinking about using IKEA the same way… keep these items in mind.


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