Spring Cleaning… in January!

My Ridiculous GarageSpring cleaning in January? You bet!

Since Mother Nature in Pennsylvania can’t seem to figure out what season she wants to be, I’ve decided to take advantage of her indecision and reorganize my life. But it’s not going to be easy… I haven’t done this for years! Just look at my garage (to the left).

I’ve already made some good progress and created a ton of garbage (I might need to “borrow” some space in the local dumpster). What’s even better is I’ve started transferring everything from boxes to plastic tubs. This makes everything I’m not trashing easy to stack. Furthermore, each tub holds items in a specific category: CDs, books, hardware, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there… Not only am I tackling the garage, but I’m also dry cleaning all the carpets (again).

My New OfficeWhat’s my biggest accomplishment? So far… it’s my new office. I converted the “bonus” room in our townhouse into a video editing / Internet hub / sound studio / PVR / workstation suite (to the left). I feel so fortunate to have all the things I dreamed as a kid. But it does throw some heat…

We now return to your regularly scheduled blogram.

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