I’m Getting Old

Wow… what a holiday weekend.

Friday night, almost out of nowhere (we had been talking about it for a while), I decided this Labor Day weekend was the time to start our home improvement projects. Our dog, Sammy’s, leg has full healed (long story), so he won’t be bleeding all over the house. So… why not use my 3-day weekend to its fullest?

We are far from finished, but we’ve painted our common area and bedroom, replaced the door fixtures in both with brushed, satin nickel fixtures. Cassandra, my fiance, also started her faux project. We replaced our blinds with new cellular blinds and I’ve just begin shampooing the carpets.

What a weekend.

What has happened to me!?! I’m only turning 26 (on Sept. 6 for those who want to send me money) and I feel like I’ve turned into my parents!

What happened to the myriad of hours spent playing video games? When did the phrase “faux painting” become interesting? Why does spending hours spackling, sanding, taping, cleaning, and painting become more fun then sitting around watching movies? Why am I spending hundreds of dollars to make my living room sparkle?

What happened to me!?!

Oh well… I guess I’m just getting older.

So to all you youngin’s out there who think they’ll never care about home improvement. Just wait until you buy a house (or townhouse in my case). You’re entire world changes.

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