My Oreck Orbiter Cleans Carpets Better Than Shampooing!

From my previous post on power carpet shampooing… it’s safe to say I’m a bit obsessed with clean carpet. I promise, I write about other things besides carpet, but if I were an artist, I would be in my “carpet phase”.

Even though I’ve met success with my power shampooing technique, I was a bit upset with the amount of time it took to complete one room. I have better things to do besides shampooing carpets (like playing my Nintendo DS). So when I went to buy my Oreck XL21 vacuum cleaner (that story will come later), I was intrigued by the Oreck Orbiter.

At first, I wasn’t first about it because the sales pitch was focused around tile and other types of hard floors. I have a mop, I’ll save my money.

But then I found out about the Oreck Dry Clean System. It’s awesome.

Simply spray on the pretreater, which I’ve found is the workhorse, to a 6’x6’ area. For heavily soiled areas, make sure to use it liberally. Then sprinkle the specially formulated compound over top, run the orbiter over the area, and step away for 45 minutes. As you wait, the compound grabs on to the dirt and allergens that the pretreater strips off and safely encapsulates them. After the 45 minutes has passed, simply vacuum up the dirt sealed compound and voila! Amazingly clean carpets in under an hour!

This system is simply, in my opinion, superior to standard shampooing because it:

  • Doesn’t Damage Carpet

    Each time you shampoo your carpet, you wet its backing. This means that each time you clean your carpet the material that holds each fiber breaks down. Shampoo your carpet often enough, and you will soon be buying new carpet instead of carpet cleaner.

  • Dries Much Faster

    I’ve waited over several hours for my carpets to dry after shampooing. With the dry clean system, that time is shortened to minutes!

  • Stays Cleaner Longer

    With carpet shampooing cleaner, if you don’t thoroughly remove all the liquid you spray down, it will actually pull dirt back into your carpet! In other words, you’ll shampoo more often because your carpet gets dirtier faster!

  • Safe for Children & Pets

    Though I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s gross, you can safely eat the compound you sprinkle on the carpet. This gives you peace of mind if you small children or animals roaming around the house.

If you like clean carpets, check out the Oreck Orbiter. Or at least buy the pretreater and compound and try it with a hand brush.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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