Defining a “Good” Manager

Today was an eye opener. I’m not a “good” manager. :-/

But good news… I believe I just figured out how to become one. You can read it about it on Learn why “Good Managers Don’t DO Anything”

It was an eye opening experience today when I was buzzing around my team at WebXtreme and found out I know almost NOTHING about what my team is doing. Where they’re at with a given project, how well it’s coming together, or if they are even on task!

My excuse? My fatal error? I’ve been busy!

The biggest thing I needed to learn, which I believe I did today, is that a manager doesn’t DO anything. They coordinate the DOING of others. The more I DO the less I stay in touch with my team, which leads to chaos, miscommunication, frustration, and ultimately a very stressed out team who has no idea what is next.

I guess being a manager is really a full-time job.

Ha! And here I thought you just sat in your office and played Solitaire all day. But I guess I haven’t had very good role models. ;-)

So… now I’ve resolved to become a “manager”. But hopefully… a “good” one.

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