I Hate Hidden Tracks

If you’ve bought any number of CDs in the past few years, you probably have one with a “hidden track”. A song that didn’t make the cut for the album but was apparently good enough to hide somewhere on the CD.

What is the purpose? Is it meant to be some kind of twisted easter egg? Should I feel some sense of accomplishment for finding this little nugget of uselessness? Is it meant to make me feel like I’m getting more music for my money? Whatever it is - it drives me crazy. Quit trying to be clever!

A band I like, Cold, released “Year of the Spider” a few years ago. The album is great, but after what you believe is the last song, you wait about 13 minutes to find that there is another song! A perfectly good song that I have to scan 13 minutes to hear.

Here’s an idea… why not just make another track!?! Instead, I have to drive my car and scan for this song at the same time.

Now sure… I can copy the CD and remove the extra space (which I’ve done) but why must I got through the trouble?

So to all you music producers… stop making hidden tracks! Just label the CD accordingly and stop forcing us to scan around needlessly!

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2 Responses to “I Hate Hidden Tracks”

  1. cherubin says:

    It is possible that the hidden track issue is a forgotten (read ignored) marketing tool. There have been some artists who add additional content and just market it as bonus material. In this case, the purpose of the hidden track could be derived as a “surprise” for the listener, and, thus, marketed as such. However, it is more likely that it was just a dump location or even worse, a mistake.

  2. Chad Wichterman says:

    Here is a bone twister. How about the issue with the soundtrack to The Bride on lp? The back cover and label of the lp list 6 cuts on side A and B, but on side A of the lp (the grooves) there is 7 cuts and on side B there are 6 cuts like it’s supposed to have. The extra cut on side A is the second or third cut (I’m not near the lp right now to be sure). What happened here?

    When the label reissued it on cd as a limited edition, instead of correcting the mistake they basically took two of the cuts from side B of the lp and combined them together so the cd would have the appearance of 12 cuts like the original lp did.

    When I called Varese Sarabande and told them they thought I was bonkers and the email I sent I never got a reply.

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