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Learn How to Use the Center Turning Lane!

On my way to work today (yes, I know it’s Sunday), I saw yet another person who doesn’t understand the concept of the center turning lane. You know, the middle lane that has two, yellow dashed lines with a solid yellow line to each respective side. Still clueless?

Alright, it looks like this:

center turning lane

Apparently, some of you out there don’t understand the glorious purpose of the center turning lane. So I’ve taken it upon myself to educate you. (Whoever invented the center lane should have a holiday declared after them)


I Hate Hidden Tracks

If you’ve bought any number of CDs in the past few years, you probably have one with a “hidden track”. A song that didn’t make the cut for the album but was apparently good enough to hide somewhere on the CD.

What is the purpose? Is it meant to be some kind of twisted easter egg? Should I feel some sense of accomplishment for finding this little nugget of uselessness? Is it meant to make me feel like I’m getting more music for my money? Whatever it is - it drives me crazy. Quit trying to be clever!


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