5 Reasons Why Video Content is so Popular

The explosive popularity of video content on the web isn’t news. Google bought YouTube and AOL recently started their video syndication service which continues to create a new breed of superstar including The Star Wars Kid, The Numa Numa Kid, and my favorite emo teen “Hope”. But why is this new form of entertainment such a success?

Here are a few ideas…

  • People LOVE TV

    According to a Forrester Research study conducted in 2000, we spend an average of 7 hours a day watching television. This compared to an average of a few minutes spent on the Internet. Now I’ll admit, these findings are a bit dated, but the ratio couldn’t have changed that much. My point is the same, we LOVE television, so why wouldn’t we love it online?

  • Social Interest

    As mammals, we are naturally curious about each other. With the falling price of web cams, and the increased availability of broadband access, we can connect with one another in a whole new way by taking a sneak peek into each other’s lives. Add viewer anonymity to the equation with folks who have no shame (have you seen some of the stuff out there?) and you have the makings for an entertainment powerhouse.

  • Instant Gratification

    We are lean, mean, media consuming machines. So much so that I sometimes feel like we voluntarily brainwash ourselves like Alex, from “A Clockwork Orange”. We can’t get enough and we certainly don’t want to wait for it. Tivo gave us the power to fast-forward through commercials; video on-Demand gives us entertainment at the click of a mouse. This allows us to go from impulse, to search, to satisfaction in record time.

  • Available at Work

    In America, there is no shortage of televisions in the home, but what about at work? After a few dozen lunches with our co-workers, we might choose to spice it up and indulge our media addiction instead. And, if you’re nasty, you might let it spill over to the rest of your day. With video accessible online, we can watch television almost anywhere.

  • Fresh & Plentiful

    As demand grows, so does supply. Though most of it isn’t worth watching, there is definitely no shortage of available content. If you don’t find what you’re looking for today, check back tomorrow, there will be a whole new batch of videos watching for you.

Why do you think we love online video so much?

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