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HD Has Ruined Me

Like anyone, I have some… shall we say… less than flattering personality traits. After watching “The Office”, which I saw in high definition for the first time tonight, I have a new one to add to my list: HDTV snob.

Anyone who has seen a 1080i broadcast will agree… HD ruins you for life. It sets the standard for which all other media will be judged. Unfortunately, nothing can top it. It is “the best” (Kaufman) Even DVDs have become a disappointment with their wannabe upconverting techiques.

But, I’m not new to the technology game. I had this same attitude when DVDs hit the scene. I thought THOSE were the best (and they were at the time) and wouldn’t watch anything else. It was beneath me. Just like before, I have to wait. This time for HDDVDs to flood the scene.

When will this magical day come? Not soon enough!

My Oreck Orbiter Cleans Carpets Better Than Shampooing!

From my previous post on power carpet shampooing… it’s safe to say I’m a bit obsessed with clean carpet. I promise, I write about other things besides carpet, but if I were an artist, I would be in my “carpet phase”.

Even though I’ve met success with my power shampooing technique, I was a bit upset with the amount of time it took to complete one room. I have better things to do besides shampooing carpets (like playing my Nintendo DS). So when I went to buy my Oreck XL21 vacuum cleaner (that story will come later), I was intrigued by the Oreck Orbiter.


My Nintendo DS Love Story (Rated “E” for Everyone)

Boredom is one of my biggest enemies (beside myself… I’m sure you can relate) Ever since I was a kid, once I got bored, things got ugly.

To combat my nemesis, I used to play video games; Nintendo, Super Nintendo, GameBoy, SegaCD, and later Nintendo 64. But then one day… the time I spent with my old friend disappeared entirely. Suddenly, video games were no longer a priority.

What happened? What happened to the kid who would set aside entire weekends to play one game? Did I… grow up?

I tried the Playstation, the Xbox, and GameCube with no success. Nothing I tried could renew my passion for gaming. What turned me off the most about the newer systems was the number of buttons and joysticks that were on the controller!


Power Carpet Shampooing

I like clean carpets.

When we bought our condo/townhome (friggin’ weird combo), we paid a little extra for higher quality, dense carpet. Yay for us.

Then came Cassandra and her two pets. A cat named Caesar and a dog named Sampson (or as we call him, “Sammy”). Along with the pets, came dirt… and lots of it.

No one that lives in our home has any Asian heritage, but the moment we walk in from outside, our shoes come off. This is in an attempt to avoid grinding dirt into our, oh so lovely, carpet.

Well… the animals don’t participate in our “save the carpet” campaign, and grind their dirty paws throughout the house.


I’m Getting Old

Wow… what a holiday weekend.

Friday night, almost out of nowhere (we had been talking about it for a while), I decided this Labor Day weekend was the time to start our home improvement projects. Our dog, Sammy’s, leg has full healed (long story), so he won’t be bleeding all over the house. So… why not use my 3-day weekend to its fullest?

We are far from finished, but we’ve painted our common area and bedroom, replaced the door fixtures in both with brushed, satin nickel fixtures. Cassandra, my fiance, also started her faux project. We replaced our blinds with new cellular blinds and I’ve just begin shampooing the carpets.


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