Buying Links - The Fastlane to SEO Success?

I’ve been keeping up with a past co-workers SEO blog and read her recent post on paid links. It’s late and I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d toss in my thoughts while I wait for sleep to come.

Though I have no proof to substantiate any of this, here are my thoughts on Google and links (for those who might care).

I believe Google already notices when a link is bought. Like your parents, it may take them sometime, but they do eventually figure things out. Imagine you’re Google and find a site that has little to no strong inbound links. Then you see that they suddenly have one really strong link. Initially, you’ll give it some attention. I mean… it is a strong inbound link. But how would you view it over time? What if the site only ever has that one link?

Google doesn’t just consider the number of links, but how they are built over time. If you don’t continue purchasing new inbound links, eventually, Google will begin to notice your unnatural linking profile. They have a ridiculous amount of data that has been analyzed to determine how links are generated “naturally”. You can’t buck the system forever.

Buying links, in my opinion, is a quick fix. It’s not “evil”, but If you want strong ranking over the long term, focus on creating something worth linking to. You can buy all the friends in the world, but the ones that matter… are free.

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2 Responses to “Buying Links - The Fastlane to SEO Success?”

  1. Dave Conklin says:

    Here’s the conclusion that I have gathered… There are SO MANY ways to get quality links without purchasing them. The only time that you should ever purchase a link is if it’s one that is going to generate traffic. Why buy links when you can create valuable articles, place valuable information in comments (like this) on blogs and forums and provide something that people actualy desire? Brian… what’s up with the “non-link-friendly” comment area? 8 )

  2. Brian says:

    What’s up with the non-friendly link comment area? You can post links in them… your name just isn’t linked to your site. However… this might be something I change in the future to encourage comments. Actually, if I remember correctly, when I was customizing my theme I think I inadvertently removed them. :-/

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