IKEA Furniture - You Get What You Pay For

IKEA BuildingRecently my fiance and I decided to make some improvements to our townhome. Part of this decision was furnishing our home with cheap, but oh so practical, IKEA furniture. In the past, we’ve had good success with their products, so this trip we purchased much more.

For those of you out there thinking about using IKEA the same way… keep these items in mind.

Open Every Box Before Purchasing

I live about an hour away from the closest IKEA outlet. Not a big problem because I don’t go there often and the savings is worth the trip. This time, however, was different.

First, the one chest we purchased was mislabeled, which led us to drive the entire way home, only to find that the chest we wanted was in the wrong color!

It drove me crazy. I just won’t have mismatched furniture and I won’t have it in my house for longer than I have to.

So, we rip open the rest of the boxes and find another item is also the wrong color. This time, because some dumb IKEA employee (but more than likely some lazy customer) put the wrong color in the wrong bin!

Now I’m furious and have to drive two hours to return a two pieces of furniture that I shouldn’t have had to return because it wasn’t my fault!

The good news is, no one at IKEA gave me a hassle when trying to return the items and I was lucky enough that they had what I wanted in stock.

Look Out for Defects

IKEA furniture is cheap. It’s particle board wrapped in wood grain tape. Don’t expect miracles. But… do expect some level of quality manufacturing!

After my two hour journey to Maryland, I return with the correct items, only to find that the chest we purchased doesn’t have the correct pieces we need to make the drawers! To make matters worse, the one side of the chest is splitting for some unknown reason. But to top it all off, even after managing to put some of the chest together… we find that the rails for the drawers are mounted to high! Now I have to play Bob Villa and make it work myself, or take it back AGAIN.

All together, the trip was a success. The furniture that did come as it should looks great and serves its purpose. I just wish I hadn’t had to spend so much time driving to make it happen due to things that are out of my control. I expect myself, and others, to get things right the first time. When this doesn’t happen, I’m always disappointed.

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One Response to “IKEA Furniture - You Get What You Pay For”

  1. cherubin says:

    I love IKEA! Their stores are clean and easily navigated. They have plenty of variety in most of their product lines. Their furniture is well designed and packaged, easy to assemble, and reasonably priced.

    However, they are Swedish. And, we are definitely not talking about hand made oak, cherry or walnut heirlooms. Any problems I have had have been resolved with a phone call or a return trip. Unfortunately, they are not always accommodating when it comes to having replacement parts shipped. More than once, I was forced to make a similar trek back to the store. I suppose that is the difference between my daughter’s $600 IKEA bedroom suite and my $6000 Nichols and Stone suite.

    Make sure you try their pre-packaged meatballs!!!

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