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Our Favorite Libertarian is at it Again!

After a several month hiatus, our favorite York county libertarian is at it again! Mictubis.net is back online with a new design and attitude!

Why should you care?

Because he has a very interesting perspective on timely, political news that you won’t find on television. The kind of news that a few people are brave enough to report, yet it still seems almost invisible. The best part? Everything is covered in a passive aggressive, cynical, and sarcastic candy shell.

So if you value your freedom as much as you say you do, check out this site. It’ll open your eyes to a lot of what you never wanted to see.

That’s a Wrap! Ben and Cara’s Wedding Video

Wow… it just feels good to sit down! It’s been 2 days, and 18 hours, but now I have (approximately) 7-8 hours of wedding footage. That should translate to about 20-24 hours of editing (if I’m lucky).

And after all this… what have I learned? Wedding photographers have it easy! Let them try shooting video!

All kidding and whining aside, today was a good day. I not only saw my friend, and co-worker, Ben Eisemann get married to his lovely bride Cara, but also got to be their videographer. I just recently shot my friend Gregg and Tonya’s wedding, so I was able to take what I learned there and put it work. And after today, I can’t wait to start editing.


Another Wannabe Rockstar in the Making

After registering the domain in 2004, I’ve taken the first step to creating my central PA cover band, “South of Sunday“! Currently, the band consists of… well… me. But I’m hoping to change that.

I’ve always wanted to be in a band, but never liked the sound of my own voice when I would listen to recordings. I still don’t, but now I don’t care. So, with the help of Adobe Audition and an empty Greenfield office, I’ve started recording vocal tracks with the hope that there are a few musicians out there who want to get together and have some fun playing out. I’m tired of karaoke, I want something real!

For the curious, you can download vocal only tracks and vocal tracks with music (poorly mixed) at SouthofSunday.com

Yay… now I’m one step closer to nowhere…!!!

Smash Mouth’s Astro Lounge

This post is pointless… but I have to share.

No matter how tired I am, what mood I’m in, or whatever else is going on in the world… listening to Smash Mouth’s album “Astro Lounge” always makes me happy.

Now given, it’s a relatively old album that I just discovered, and it could just be “new” to me. But nonetheless, it has really helped me today!

So if you’re in a funk… give it a listen. And good news… there are no hidden tracks!

Happy 25th Anniversary Aunt Chris & Uncle Tom!!

My parents divorced when I was 3. My father later divorced again when I was around 16 and my mother followed suit a few years later. So needless to say, when my Aunt Chris and Uncle Tom told me they were celebrating 25 years of marriage… I was floored! They’ve set the new family marriage record!

To document the occassion, and find an excuse to play with my miniDV camera, I decided to shoot some footage of the celebration. It turned out great, if I do say so myself!

You can see The 25th Anniversary of Chris & Tom below:

My next project is the wedding of my good friends Gregg & Tonya Firman! I can’t wait to share it!

Rising from the Ashes

And to think, YESTERDAY should have been the first day for BrianShoff.com. But, during some server housecleaning, I managed to not only destroy BrianShoff.com, but EVERY personal online project I have been working on. And to think, all this time I was annoyed because I wasn’t getting much done with any of them. Turns out, I didn’t lose much after all. Just don’t try to email me for 24 - 48 hours. DNS is so pesky.


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