Columbia PA’s “Perfect Settings” Gets a New Face

perfect settings logoIt seems that everyone I know is either married or is getting married. I myself am on the band wagon being engaged to my fiancé Cassandra. And as everyone knows, and as I’m beginning to learn, weddings are expensive! So when given the opportunity to barter services with Perfect Settings in Columbia, I jumped at it!

The business is run by Daisy Pagan (pronounced pu-gone), a charming woman with over 10 years of experience as a wedding consultant. Recently, she and her husband Tony have remodeled a warehouse located at 200 Locust St. They’ve done a beautiful job. Today, they live on the second floor and rent the space on the ground floor for receptions, anniversary parties, birthdays, or any other event you can think of.

When Cassandra found Daisy on one of her favorite websites, The Knot, we scheduled a visit. Hardwood floors, brushed nickel fixtures, and an eye-catching bar area would fit our post-wedding Halloween masquerade party perfectly.

So… we booked it.

Now, in exchange for Daisy’s expertise, I’ve agreed to redesign her website A project on the shelf for over 3 years that is ready for some attention. So this weekend, in addition to spending 2 days shooting my friend’s wedding, I have been adapting a template found at to become a Wordpress theme. Since I’ve had so much luck with Wordpress, it seemed only logical to share the goodness.

After working for 7 hours, I am ready to release the first glimpse at the new design. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Yes, there are a few CSS details to take care of, but overall, it turned out great.

I am currently hosting it in the demo area of Check it out here!

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