Category Base Removal Plugin

The Category Base Killer Plugin does exactly what it says. It removes the “category/” text from your WordPress URL string.

In other words, it turns your URL string from this:

into this:


A Like Minded Individual

Jeff Cornwall, Director of Belmont University, recently made a comment in a blog article, “I’ve Got a Secret” that fits with my philosophy 100%.

“Always keep in mind that success comes from sound execution and implementation much more than the idea itself. Ideas can be a dime a dozen. Even if someone does steal your idea, it doesn’t mean that they can make a successful business out of it.

Ultimately, success comes from the ability to secure needed resources, build the right team and understand the market and your potential customers.”

I guess I’m not the only one who believes, “It is the execution, not the idea, that is original.” ;-)

Donating my CPU to Science

In 2003, while I was working my first web development job at Sharp Innovations, I met someone named Bob McMullen. He taught me several things, mostly PHP/mySQL related, but he also opened my eyes to the S.E.T.I project. That’s when I first learned about distributed computing.


200mph on a 1-Lane Highway

The “Renderminator” finally arrived! I’ve had it for a little over a week and have got to be honest. I’m a bit underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got zip, but not as much as I thought it would. Instead of a massive boost of performance, like I was expecting, it seems to have improved my ability to multitask instead.

After doing some research, I found out why (and the answer won’t surprise you). The applications I’m running aren’t written to take advantage of my new horsepower. The flip side, is since a single application doesn’t take full advantage of the available hardware, there is plenty of room to run other programs.


One More Reason to Respect the Makers of “Office Space”

I’ve got to hand it to the makers of “Office Space”. This one movie is a cultural phenomenon that just about everyone knows about.

But why didn’t they make a sequel? Where is Office Space 2? Everyone else who has had a hit movie can’t seem to get the sequel out fast enough.

I’ll tell you why… because the creators of Office Space knew better. They had a great run and didn’t crack under the pressure to make a sequel in a race to make more money. They kept the Office Space concept pure and that is worth my respect.

Just another reason to like Office Space!

The Renderminator Cometh

I’ve had enough! No more will I wait over 5 days for to render an hour’s worth of footage. Those days are over! I’ve taken matters into my own hands and brought in reinforcements. And on May 31, it will be sent as the harbinger of doom… the devistating render monster.

All bow before the latest machine that will soon be in my arsenal!

I present to you… the Renderminator!


Buying a Camcorder? Don’t Overlook the Most Important Feature!

So you’re ready to buy a new camcorder. You have all kinds of ideas about capturing your child’s first birthday party, parent’s 50th anniversary, or any other special event. That’s great! But when you’re shopping for your new camcorder… keep this one vital specification in mind… lux.

Every camera has a lux rating. This rating measures how sensitive the CCD (or CMOS) chip in your camcorder is to light. This light sensitivity is measured by the number of candles that are needed to capture a well lit image.


Adobe Premiere and MPEG Editing

A quick tip for all aspiring video editors. Though Adobe Premiere allows you to import MPEG movies, that doesn’t mean it handles them well. Actually, it handles them poorly. Instead of nice smooth video, you get a choppy substitute that makes it extremely difficult to make effective edits.

What is the solution?

Thankfully, the good folks at MainConcept created a plugin called MPEG Pro. Once installed, it makes all your MPEG movies run as smoothly as their AVI counterparts!

Now yes, you could transcode all of your MPEG footage into AVI, but if you don’t have to… why bother?

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