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It doesn’t matter if you bought one for yourself or were given one as a gift – you’re a first-time DSLR owner. One frustration that I hear time and time again from DSLR owners is that they’re not sure how to make their cameras take pictures that ‘look as good as a professional photographer’s’ pictures – “I mean, they’re DSLRs – how come my shots sometimes still look like they were done with the camera I had before?”

This is a common disappointment, but don’t let it sour your first foray into DSLR photography. These things come with instruction manuals, but if a 747 came with an instruction manual, would you be able to fly it? You’ve got a lot of horsepower in your hands, you just need someone to show you the ropes so your creativity can be unleashed.

Our sessions are mission-focused – we cover what you want to learn, at your pace, using your equipment. Every great photographer had a mentor that filled in their blind spots when they were starting out. Whether you’re looking to take your camera off “AUTO”, looking for techniques in recreating shots you like, or looking for closely guarded professional tips, I have wisdom to share and time to spare.

What I’ve learned from Brian is the value of staying true to a particular vision that you’re passionate about and to have the courage to seek out like minded people to bring it to fruition. Brian has embodied what it means to pursue creative endeavors that challenge oneself to reinvent yourself constantly.

– Bob

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