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Capturing… Everything.

There are few moments in life that are worth capturing more than the love shared by two people in love. Whether that’s an engagement session or a wedding, bridal photography is one of the most popular reasons why people reach out to photographers; they want to look back on these moments and fondly recall the feelings shared during their first steps as a formally committed couple.

But bridal photography is about more than just capturing the love of two people; on your big day, there are dozens and dozens of people there, happy and honored to witness your big moments – they are important subjects, too.

Anticipating… Everything.

Wedding photography is about skill. Anyone can purchase a DSLR, a copy of Lightroom, start mimicking things they see on blogs by working weddings for free. But that’s not who I am, and if you’re reading this, I challenge you to ask yourself if you’ve looked at some wedding photos and noticed an obvious quality gap from one wedding to another. To see how they adapt from a Pinterest fantasy to reality. That gap and adaptability are skill, and it’s something that I’ve focused on during my career as a photographer.

20 years, 40 years, 60 years from now, millions of brides will look back at their wedding photos. Regardless of what filter or Lightroom preset they used… there will be photos that are composed, exposed, and shot well – and there will be ones that aren’t. I focused on seeing great moments, capturing them with proper composition and exposure, and then going from there.

Your love with your significant other is built on a foundation – a foundation where you could be living in a mansion, a farmhouse, an apartment, or a cardboard box, and people would still know you’re in love. My photography is similar; it’s built on a foundation of technical skill and experience. Regardless of what the color toning is, regardless of whether we’re on a dance floor or in the middle of a field, they’re great photos.

Brian took photos for our wedding. He was very committed to the entire experience. He was super fun and easy to work with. He worked so hard to capture every moment. The photos are amazing. I would highly suggest you never have another photo taken by anyone else.

– Steve

Brian was great. Very professional and very detail oriented. Had a blast at our wedding on 10/4/14 Brian was right in the center of the fun all the guests thought very highly of him and would definitely use him again.

– Pete

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