It’s a Dangerous Game

  • March 25, 2017
It’s a Dangerous Game

Once upon a November in 2011, I was dating Syn Nik. No, that’s not the name on her birth certificate but one adopted to keep her true name employable as she embodies a dark duality.

On one side, she’s the remarkable makeup artist you want to hire for your wedding, corporate headshot, or mission critical editorial photoshoot. The other side revels in debauchery, appreciates the beauty in darkness, and is the alternative stylist you want to paint you as the envy of the next gothic ball.

Unfortunately, neither side can live in the same professional space. (I’m sure Hillary wouldn’t have hired “Syn” lol) Hence… the pseudonym. She taught me the value of a second identity… but I’m eternally stupid as this post reveals my alter in all his eyeliner glory. Read more