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One Man’s Dream (Part 1)

  • January 11, 2018
One Man’s Dream (Part 1)

It was somewhere in Columbia, Pennsylvania, near the Susquehanna River, when I remember watching “The Skeleton Dance,” and “Night On Bald Mountain.” I don’t know if I was sitting on the floor or living room sofa, but I remember dancing skeletons, flying demons, and swirling ghosts all around us.

Memory is a tricky mechanism. Still, I chuckle as I recall that soon after my mother left my dad she became woefully obsessed over his bi-weekend, 80s horror movie marathons with me and my stepsister. As if an animated, satanic alternative was somehow more Christian. Though, one could argue, watching Jason Voorhees smash a coed’s face through a bathroom mirror with such force it embossed the adjoining, aluminum trailer wall in Friday the 13th part… whatever… does leave an impression on a young mind. Read more

This is for her();

  • January 4, 2018
This is for her();

What a bullshit, wannabe, romantic sentiment, right? It is… and $she likes it. ERROR variable $she not defined.

I remember watching, “An American Tale” where the song, “Somewhere Out There” made me AGGRESSIVELY uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because my mom sung it with Timmy (family friend)? Probably not, very likely not, it was beautiful in its own way. But… it’s funny to make jokes, right (story of my life)? 😀 Read more

At 4am… I’m LA Bound

  • April 8, 2017
At 4am… I’m LA Bound

I just finished packing for my trip to Los Angeles. I thought I’d pause and take a moment to share exactly what the Hell I’m doing and why I’m so excited.

The short answer is a longtime friend from high school, Jeremy Cohenour, has experience helping actors self-tape auditions. In other words, technology has gotten to a level where (in some cases) you don’t even have to physically show up to get the part. Instead, you just need to know how to use technology to audition virtually.

However, like a headshot, you don’t want to simply shoot something on your iPhone and click submit. You want your audition to have a genuine point-of-view and be well produced so a casting director can focus on your performance, not your production skills. Read more

I Went Looking for Feelz… and Boy Did I Find Them

  • April 6, 2017
I Went Looking for Feelz… and Boy Did I Find Them

Just Not Where I Thought

Yet again, it’s late (or early) and I’m on the interwebs. I had a somewhat remarkable day with an inspiring client conversation and another with an old friend. Sprinkle in a meaningful social media interaction and my sentimental ass went to YouTube seeking some “feelz” videos to close it out. I just wanted a good cry and fall asleep.

Well… that didn’t happen. Read more

It’s a Dangerous Game

  • March 25, 2017
It’s a Dangerous Game

Once upon a November in 2011, I was dating Syn Nik. No, that’s not the name on her birth certificate but one adopted to keep her true name employable as she embodies a dark duality.

On one side, she’s the remarkable makeup artist you want to hire for your wedding, corporate headshot, or mission critical editorial photoshoot. The other side revels in debauchery, appreciates the beauty in darkness, and is the alternative stylist you want to paint you as the envy of the next gothic ball.

Unfortunately, neither side can live in the same professional space. (I’m sure Hillary wouldn’t have hired “Syn” lol) Hence… the pseudonym. She taught me the value of a second identity… but I’m eternally stupid as this post reveals my alter in all his eyeliner glory. Read more

“Manipulation” Gets a Bad Name

  • March 21, 2017

I just clicked “send” on a message to someone who has influence with those I wish to influence. I didn’t lie. I wasn’t disingenuous. But… I do have an agenda. I don’t click “send” for just anyone.

I put my phone down and walked to grab a snack and started laughing. The “joke” occurred to me. It’s layered but its strike holds truth. That truth is, “manipulation gets a bad name”. Read more Launches “Overexposed” Podcast

  • March 5, 2017 Launches “Overexposed” Podcast

If you’re like me, every so often, you’re overcome by the reality that you have some rather extraordinary friends. Right?

Lately, I’ve found myself having 2 to 5 hour conversations with a number of them. Their focus is broad and includes disciplines like electro/mechanical engineering and motherhood which may not be immediately considered “artsy” but becomes so after a few minutes of exposition.

Some I’ve met are effectively strangers like Paul Lorio who I found common ground with almost immediately. Then you have the usual suspects like Jeremy Cohenour, Gregg Firman, and Frank Baum who are “sitcom favorites”. Read more Launches Push Notifications

  • March 5, 2017 Launches Push Notifications

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