Meet Brian Shoff

A Boy and His “Nice Camera”

My name is Brian. I take pictures. Really, really good pictures. If you’d rather let my work do the talking, browse the portfolio for any of the services on the left. However, there’s something that makes me a little different that I think you, the potential client, deserves to know.

You don’t know me yet, but I know you. You’re a person who has maybe already had one or two professionally done sessions in your life – pictures that are just so good that you look at them and wonder if that’s really you, or someone else. You see profile photos of your friends on their wedding day, and you think, “God, they look like they’re from a Bridal Magazine, how is this possible?”

Photography is No Mystery

There is a certain mystery to the art of photography, to the outsider looking in. And, speaking as someone on the inside, that’s the way professionals want it. Professionals don’t want you to know that while they’re busy selling you on the artistry of the most recent retro-flavored trendy filter to make your photos look like what you’re seeing in the magazines, they’re not talking about the biggest differentiator in the field of photography: skill.

“Skill” is the ability to do something efficiently and well. “Art” is an expression of things through skill. There are a lot of young, budding, and eager-to-learn photographers out there that bought a DSLR, and a copy of Lightroom, and are trying to learn the techniques they read about on blogs by practicing on their friends. I am not one of those people. I don’t shoot on Auto. I don’t miss moments because I’m fiddling with my equipment. I don’t rely on heavy post-processing to compensate for difficult shooting conditions. I don’t have to; I’ve amassed the skills that liberate me to focus on capturing that single moment of you that really counts. This is the mystery of photography: capturing moments. And once a photographer has this skill the subject, you, becomes art.

My name is Brian Shoff, and if you’ve read this far it’s because there’s something about me, my mindset, and my skillset that speaks to you. Contact me today to learn more about how we might work together capturing some of those fleeting, special moments.

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