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My First 10 Minutes with Harleigh Quinn

  • March 2, 2017

There’s nothing that quite compares to the experience of watching a little human come out of a bigger human (you can keep your giraffes!). First they’re crowning and suddenly… BLOOP… head and shoulders!

What’s even crazier is being the first one to hold the new arrival.

Harleigh was screaming and then they hand her to me. Silence.

Just two big, black, alien looking eyes staring at me. Almost as if to say, “Oh hey! What’s up!? Yeah… I’m going to be hanging out for awhile is that cool?”

I wish I could have captured it but am forced to rely on my memory. Luckily, it’s burnt in pretty well.

But… babies have to be measured, poked, and observed (photo op!) which she obviously didn’t enjoy. But, back in my arms and … silence.

It was the first time during her mother’s pregnancy where I thought, “Maybe I can do this..?”

Though, she’s transitioning to the “Terrible 2s” and beginning to dig her nails into my arm when she doesn’t get her way. *sigh*

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