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More Common. Still Precious.

Historically, a family photo happened maybe once or twice in a person’s life. Today, family photos happen on a near-annual basis, but that does not mean that they are any less special. Families are ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-evolving. A family photo is a moment where you get to freeze time – in the middle of teething, school years, soccer seasons, budding relationships – all of it – and you get to look back on it forever, fondly remembering your journey as a family.

I’ve never met a single person who booked a family session with me that came back to me years later and said that they regretted having their family photographed. The greatest honor, as a photographer and family man myself, is being asked to come back year after year and capture these precious memories for a family. The biggest regret that I hear is that they didn’t do family shoots more often, to be honest.

So when it came to planning my daughter’s party, one of the top to-do items was find a photographer. I’m glad we chose Brian because he did a fantastic job photographing key moments throughout the party (my daughter walking around, playing with other children, eating her cake, opening presents), but he also took candid photographs of our family and friends. I like his photojournalistic style and I forgot he was there at a few points. I joked with him that he’s like a photography ninja. I highly recommend Brian! What a pleasure to work with!!

– Eric

Each year we have Brian capture our growing family. He is always able to get the little ones to laugh and the photoshoot is always relaxed. He is amazing!

– Courtney

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